Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Bouchercon 2018: Every Picture Tells a Story

Here are the photos from Bouchercon 2018, which tell my story better than my words can, from the first people I saw there, Ayo and Abi, to my first panel at Bouchercon, to wonderful dinners and lunches, to meeting people I had only talked to online.  Major thanks, as always, to John Bychowski for so many of these amazing photos.  It seems I didn't take as many photos this year.  And, since John has posted panel pictures that are the best, I didn't post any of my unclear ones.  And, please excuse the messy way the pictures are posted.  EBlogger got rather crazy and did some strange things with my original arrangements. 

Arrival Day


Running into Friends, Old and New


Wednesday Night Dinner


Some Special Award Winners

My First Bouchercon Panel



  1. Loved all of your photos, Kathy, or all of John's photos (smile). Memories, such wonderful memories.

    1. Thanks, Lesa. Most of the Wednesday night dinner pics were John's and the rest a mixture. I'm always so happy that John is around, as his pics are so much better than mine.