Sunday, February 19, 2017

Third Annual Valentines Snail Mail Revival

When you belong to the mystery and crime community of authors and readers and publishing personnel, you are set for life with great friends and great reading.  The conferences often seem like love fests as much as book fests.  We truly do love each others' company.  And, there are activities that are always bringing us together to enjoy life and have loads of fun.

Author Lisa Alber started an activity three years ago that is more fun than the law should allow.  I only joined in this year, and I can't wait to do it again next year.  Lisa is the brains behind the Annual Valentine Snail Mail Revival on Facebook (  Anyone can join in, and, well, let Lisa tell you about it in her own words:
     "For years I'd lamented the demise of the hand-written letter, and I'd find myself buying stationery and cards that I didn't use, including Valentine's cards--the cute kind kids give each other in grade school. They're adorable! Three years ago I felt a kind of desperation--I wanted to send Valentine's! I took my idea to Facebook and basically begged volunteers to exchange cards with me. The response was awesome--I was so surprised. So the annual Valentine snail mail revival was born!"

I thought it would be lovely to give Lisa credit for a great idea and post some pictures from those who participated.  So, here you are:

From the mantel of Lisa Alber

                              From the sideboard of June Lorraine Roberts

From the entry hall table of Kathy Reel

From the mailbox of Brandi Shelden

From the gathering stack of Stacy Allen

From the welcome home from Hawaii mail of Eleanor Cawood Jones

From the Mocha approved arrivals of Kirsten Hey-Yenser


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