Sunday, July 31, 2016

August Is Indeed a Hot Month: New Books for August

It matters not how high a book lover's TBR pile is.  When a month comes along with gobsmacking new publications, we readers are happy as can be to add to that pile, to wallow in the depths of book exuberance.  August 2016 is going to be a month of pure delight with amazing books that will keep readers from ever catching up on their TBR list or pile, but it's a welcome burden that we bear.

So, here is a sampling of what you can look forward to in August.  With Bouchercon 2016 coming up in September, it will be a rush to get ones read that you want to before that event, so I hope that the following information will help you choose some great reads you can check off.  Click on the title of the book for a description.  

Surrender, New York: A Novel by CalebCarr (Aug. 23rd)


  1. Thanks for including Gothic Gala, Kathy. I hope you enjoy it. I love adding to my TBR pile by reading your blog.

    1. You are always so sweet, Laura. I love The Readaholics.