Tuesday, February 20, 2018

A Birthday Month of Plenty

February is my birth month, and I have been getting presents all month long due to the outstanding number of great new book releases from favorite authors.  I'm beginning to suspect someone planned this for me.  Hahaha!  I can't help but show my gratitude by posting about the books I've read for February already and the ones that I'm scrambling to get to.  Happy Birthday to me!

I just finished this new one with a new character by Kristi Belcamino and posted my review yesterday.  My words upon finishing Shadow Man were, "Hot damn!"  Most used phrase for Kristi's characters is "kick-ass." 

Although The Dark Angel doesn't come out until May in the U.S., I couldn't wait until then to post something about this amazing tenth anniversary book in the Ruth Galloway series.  If you can't wait, and with this series who can, it's available through U.K. ordering resources.  I've already posted a review for this one, too.

The second book in the Agnes Luthi series seals the deal for me that this Swedish set series is a new favorite for me.  My review for this book is already here on the blog, too.

When this book arrived today, I actually squealed with delight.  I've only just started it, and I am thrilled to have another Doyle and Acton book in my hands.  I will be reading happy tonight.

Here are the books of February that I am running toward as fast as I can.  My birthday month may spill over into the next month just a bit.


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