Thursday, October 15, 2015

Bouchercon 2015 -- Authors and Books and Friends, Oh My

Bouchercon 2015 may have ended on this past Sunday, but a funny thing happened on the way to the forum.  When you attend this extraordinary gathering of authors, fans, and book industry people, you realize that Bouchercon is not a place, not a thing, not an event to come and go.  Bouchercon is truly a state of mind that draws you into a love reaching beyond even the books you can't wait to get signed or the authors who, yes, John Bychowski, produce a distinct scream of recognition.  You become a part of a community that stays in your heart and mind, sharing in your enthusiasm and supporting you in your whatever your "book thing" is.  As a blogger, I gain encouragement and guidance.  As a reader and fan, I get to live out every fantasy about meeting one's favorite author.  As a just plain person, I get to witness and experience a generosity and genuineness wherever I turn.  If I were to advise a first time Bouchercon attendee, I would say simple, go for the books, return for the love.

I plan on doing several posts on this gathering, but to begin my recap of my four and a half days in Raleigh, I am letting a few of my favorite photos do the talking.  The joy shown on the faces speaks volumes.

                                          Ali Karim

                                          Kaye Barley

                                          Annamaria Alfieri and Laurie King

                                                     Catriona McPherson

                                             Rhys Bowen

                                           Matthew Clemens and Kristopher Zgorski

                                                     Kristi Belcamino

                                                     Anne Cleeland

                                                     Hank Phillippi Ryan

                                                      Hank Phillippi Ryan

                                          Meredith Taylor, Anne Cleeland, and Elly Griffiths

                                          Terry Shames, Rhys Bowen, and Guest

                                          Guest, Susan Matchett, and Connie Smith

                                           Caroline Todd and Debs Crombie

                                           A Panel in Session

GM Maliett
                                                       Political Espionage Panel  

                                               Kristopher Zgorski and Susan Elia MacNeal

                                                      Karin Salvalaggio

                                                     Les Klinger and Laurie King

                                           Stiff Upper Lip Panel for British Mysteries

                                                       Sherlock and Watson (?)

                                               Susan Matchett and Teresa Smith Wilson

                                                      Lunch with the Usual Suspects

                                                               Michael Robertson

                                                                       Julia Dahl

                                                                   Deborah Crombie

                                                                  Carla Buckley

                                                               Margaret Maron

                                                                    Lori Rader-Day

                                         Traditional Mysteries as Comfort Reads Panel

                                                     Les Klinger and Laurie King

                                                                   Terri Bischoff

                                                                  Lori Rader-Day

                                                                      Rhys Bowen

                                                                       Art Taylor

                                                               Hank Phillippi Ryan

                                                     Managing Red Herrings Panel

                                                                   Cemetery Tour

                                             'Literary' vs. 'Pulp' Traditions Panel
                                               With Travel Buddy Susan Matchett

                                                                 Margaret Maron


  1. Wonderful pictures and memories. Besides the one of me and you together, I especially adore the one of you with Sherlock!
    So great to meet you in person.

    1. Kristi, I am so happy that I got to meet you. I can't wait to read your books and be able to count you as a favorite author, as well as a favorite person! Sherlock was dreamy, wasn't he!

  2. Love it Love it Love it!!! Great pictures and I can't wait for your next installments. (I'm especially fond of the picture of us ;-) )

    1. Kaye, you are so sweet and supportive. Next year, we must definitely have a drink (or two) together in New Orleans!