Monday, May 23, 2022

Summertime Reading 2022


Even though it's been many years since I was a child on the cusp of summer vacation from school, I still feel the excitement of a summer of reading lying ahead of me.  Of course, back in the school days, there was also swimming and going to the movies and running around the neighborhood riding our bikes to explore.  Now, it's all about the reading for me, and that's more than okay.  

This summer of 2022 authors and publishers have lots of great mystery/crime reading for those of us who love that genre. There are a few general fiction books I couldn't leave out, including one by Geraldine Brooks and one by Jamie Ford and one about an amazing octopus by Shelby Van Pelt and one by Tessa Arlen.  There are some favorites back after a break away from the series, including a new Rizzoli and Isles by Tess Gerritsen and a new Lacey Flint by Sharon Bolton.  I also had to include a non-fiction book, The Life of Crime by Martin Edwards, because it is "the first major history of crime fiction in fifty years," and who better to be its author than the incomparable Martin Edwards.  Several new intriguing series are starting, with authors Harini Nagendra, Jessica Ellicott, Nancy Cole Silverman, Katharine Schellman, and Tom Mead. Series that are already my favorites are here to continue thrilling us, with those by Ovidia Yu, Elly Griffiths, Sara Paretsky, Nakesa Afia, Martin Edwards, Ellen Byron, Lucy Burdette, Jessica Ellicott, and the continuing Minnesota sagas from Jess Lourey.  Exciting new stand-alones await readers from Adrian McKinty, Riley Sager, Fabian Nicieza (Deadpool and Suburban Dick), Catriona McPherson, Rachel Howzell Hall, Carol Goodman, Ruth Ware, Jennifer Hillier, Rhys Bowen, Lisa Jewell, Claire MacKintosh, E.J. Scott, S.C. Lalli, Catherine Ryan Howard, and Alice Feeney.  And, I am delighted that there are some reprints of vintage mystery/crime books on the summer menu. 

I am a slow reader, so I know I won't get to all of it, but I hope that my list will give other readers some ideas for their summer of reading.  When I read over this list, I fantasize about being stranded on an island with only these books to occupy my time.  Of course, I'll need a nice hotel and great food, too.  Here's just a taste of what we can look forward to reading while we sip our ice tea on a hot summer's day.


May Holdovers (All Already Out Except The Dark)

The Bangalore Detectives Club (Kaveri and Ramu #1) by Harini Nagendra

Remarkably Bright Creatures by Shelby Van Pelt 

Overboard (V.I. Warshawski #22) by Sara Paretsky  

Death in a Blackout (WPC Billie Harkness #1) by Jessica Ellicott

The Island by Adrian McKinty

The Dark (Lacey Flint #5) by Sharon Bolton -- This book is out in the UK on May 26th, but not until September in U.S.)


The Girl They Forgot About by Martin Edwards (June 7th) (Came out in UK last year as

The Navigator's Daughter by Nancy Cole Silverman (June 7th)

Bayou Book Thief by Ellen Byron (June 7th

The Woman in the Library by Sulari Gentill (June 7th)

Last Call at the Nightingale: A Mystery (Last Call at the Nightingale #1)  (June 7th)

Horse: A Novel by Geraldine Brooks (June 14th)

Deadline at Dawn by Cornell Woolrich (Penzler’s) (June 14th)

The Mushroom Tree Mystery (#6) by Ovidia Yu (June 21st)

The Key to Deceit (Electra McDonnell #2) by Ashley Weaver (June 21st)

The House Across the Lake by Riley Sager (June 21st)

The Self-Made Widow by Fabian Nicieza (June 21st)

In Place of Fear by Catriona McPherson (June 28th)

The Locked Room by Elly Griffiths (June 28th, U.S. Release Date)

Harlem Sunset (Harlem Renaissance Mystery #2) by Nekesa Afia (June 28th)



Listen to Me (Rizzoli and Isles) by Tess Gerritsen (July 5th)

A Dress of Violet Taffeta by Tessa Arlen (July 5th)

We Lie Here by Rachel Howzell Hall (July 12th)

The Disinvited Guest by Carol Goodman (July 12th)

Death and the Conjuror by Tom Mead (July 12th)

The Life of Crime by Martin Edwards (July 12th)

The It Girl by Ruth Ware (July 12th)

Things We Do in the Dark by Jennifer Hillier (July 19th)

Murder Through the English Post (A Beryl and Edwina Mystery #6) by Jessica Ellicott  (July 26th)




Where the Sky Begins by Rhys Bowen (Aug. 2nd)

The Many Daughters of Afong Moy by Jamie Ford (Aug. 2nd)

The Benson Murder Case by S.S. Van Dine (Aug. 2nd)

The Rule of Three by E.G. Scott (Aug. 2nd)  

 A Dish to Die For (Haley Snow #12) by Lucy Burdette (Aug. 9th)

The Family Remains by Lisa Jewell (Aug. 9th)

Are You Sara? by S.C. Lalli (Aug. 9th)

The Last Party by Claire Mackintosh

The Quarry Girls by Jess Lourey (Aug. 16th)

Run Time by Catherine Ryan Howard (Aug. 16th)

Mystery of the Blue Train by Agatha Christie (Aug. 23rd)

Daisy Darker by Alice Feeney (Aug. 30th)




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