Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Back to Sookie and Bon Temps

Well, it's May and that means time for another Sookie Stackhouse adventure from Charlaine Harris.  There has been some dissatisfaction with the series the last year or so by fans of the books, and I admit to being one of those less than satisfied fans.  However, reviews are good for this latest offering, so I have started reading it with hope in my heart.  I am a fourth of the way in, and I think I'm beginning to feel that old flavor of the series making its way back into the story.  These books are so much fun, and Sookie is such a favorite character of mine with her witty thoughts, both spoken and not.  I am delighted that Harris is back to form.  The vamps, fairies, weres, shape shifters, demons and more creatures of these stories provide a wild thrill for those of us who love our paranormal served with a side of humor.  Now, back to my reading chair to finish this delicious reading experience!