Sunday, May 27, 2012

I am excited to learn about and be participating in Armchair BEA, the online opportunity for book bloggers to experience the Book Expo America and Book Blogger Convention, starting June 4th in New York City (June 4 - 8, 2012).  As I've wanted to attend this annual book event for a while now, it is the perfect chance to do so from the comfort of, well, from the comfort of my armchair.  There will be daily blogging, discussions, and giveaways to look forward to.  Hopefully, I will learn a bit from more experienced bloggers on improving my own blog.  If you can't attend the actual events, Armchair BEA is the place to be for your virtual connection!  I will share some of my newbie thoughts of this adventure when it begins.


  1. I just started reading Carl Hiaasen's books last year, and I love them. I have Nature Girl on my TBR pile for this year, along with a couple others that I may not get to. I hope to read them all eventually. Thank you for stopping by my blog, and I hope you enjoy your first Armchair BEA!

    1. Heather, thanks for stopping by here, too. You have a great blog! I've become a follower and listed your blog on my list of blogs followed. I would love for you to become a follower of my blog, too. I'm still working on getting the email subscription set up (having a glitch with it), but my follow button works fine. Carl Hiassen is such a hoot, both on the page and in person. Happy to hear you enjoy him, too.