Saturday, May 5, 2018

Gia and the Black Widow by Kristi Belcamino: Reading Room Review

Oh, Gia Santella, you so keep me on pins and needles. You can go from zero to being in a life and death situation in the blink of an eye. And, I love every minute of your crazy, dangerous life. Kristi Belcamino packs far more action into the Gia Santella #5 than a reader would ever expect with the setting of an ocean cruise. Of course, this author has never been guilty of a dull moment. Gia is a creation of nerves living on the outside, and proof that playing nice is only one option.

Still struggling with her grief from her boyfriend's death, Gia has shut herself away from the outside world. But, her closest friend Dante is determined to snap her out of that dark place and sends her on a two-week Mediterranean cruise. Luxury accommodations, relaxing by the pool, visiting exotic places is a perfect prescription to cure Gia of her morose mood. And, it's as if the gods of happiness are finally shining on Gia when she meets a new friend before the ship even sails. Natasha is the young bride of an older, insanely rich gentleman and is immediately drawn to Gia as another young, fun-loving companion. They hit it off so well that Gia begins to wonder if having a female friend is something she has needed in her life. Of course, trouble and Gia always seem to travel together, and it's not long before the bluebird of happiness drops a dollop of doo-doo on Gia's head. Natasha's sugar daddy disappears, and when Gia tries to help, the friendship that started off with a bang becomes strained. The twists that end up with Gia's life in danger (granted, a normal place for our Gia) are deliciously played out to reveal a dark force on a merciless mission. 

Kristi Belcamino never wavers in her ability to tell a story that pops and her talent in creating thrilling characters. The Gia Santella series is one that has captured a special place in my favorite reading. I can't wait to see what happens next.

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  1. Another great read by Kristi Belcamino! There's not one of her books that I haven't loved and I've read them all!